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Brian Dunphy | RHI, CRA

Brian Dunphy has owned and operated Home Pro Inspections since February 1999.  Brian conducts environmental inspections as well as Home and Commercial Inspections.

There are several reasons for having a home inspection, but the most compelling reason is that the inspector looks at the house differently than a purchaser does.  A purchaser wants to know if the house will fit their lifestyle.  Will the neighborhood be the type that they would want to raise their family in?  Are the amenities they want close at hand?  Are the bedrooms large enough?  The list goes on.

Professional Inspectors, on the other hand, check to see if the house and it’s systems are functioning as they were designed to.  Safety and functionality are important considerations.

•Is the heating and or cooling system working properly, is it clean, and is it delivering hot or cool air to all the rooms in an adequate volume?
•Is the electrical system adequately sized for the intended load?  Are the breakers/fuses adequately sized for the size of wire used?  Are outlets wired with the correct polarity?
•Is the water supply and disposal system inside the house functioning adequately?  Are there damaged or leaking fixtures?  Are exhaust fans present and functioning?
•Are windows and doors functioning properly?  Are there signs of problems exhibited by the interior wall systems?  Are there problems with floor or ceiling components?
•Are kitchen appliances functioning properly?
•Roof coverings, exterior claddings, and drainage systems are inspected.

Professional Home Inspectors also outline what may be needed for maintenance now, as well as in the future.

Our comprehensive inspection report is prepared and delivered on site, using a computerized reporting system that also includes digital pictures. The completed report is typically emailed to the client in a pdf file that can be downloaded to your computer and printed out.

As a Professional Home Inspector, we follow the Home Inspectors Association of BC Standards of Practice to ensure that a fair, accurate and impartial report is completed on the home.

We work only for YOU… we are truly more interested that you understand what you are buying, not that you buy any specific home.  We always offer our independent, objective, and fair evaluation of the conditions found.